Analytical Science

Research and method development

An expert team - on call

Our specialised method development team provide customised analytical solutions for individual clients.

Clients receive a workable solution that can be readily applied to their situation, or seamlessly transferred into our routine laboratory if ongoing testing is required.

All methods are validated to internationally-accepted protocols to withstand high levels of scrutiny.

Specialist expertise

Our research and development team comprises highly experienced technical staff who use the latest instrumentation for contractual method developments, validation of existing analytical methods, and general chemical and laboratory consulting services.

We have extensive experience with: 

  • analytical method development and validation
  • analytical chemistry 
  • chemical isolation and characterisation 
  • synthetic organic chemistry 
  • food technology 
  • scientific support for registration of dietary supplements and stability trials  
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified manufacturing and natural product chemistry 
  • natural toxins
  • vitamins.

Cawthron also facilitates access to government funding for many types of research and development projects, and is a registered provider through the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment's Science and Innovation voucher scheme.

Recent examples of our work include: 

  • identifying actives in Greenshell™ mussel powders, seaweed and kiwifruit 
  • analysing the composition of lipids in marine oils 
  • semi-synthesis of active compounds from natural products.

Meet our research and method development team:

Donato Romanazzi Industry Research Liaison

Sam Murray Technical Consultant - Method Development

Jonathan Puddick Technical Consultant - LCMS Instrumentation

Roel van Ginkel Technical Consultant - Analytical Chemistry

Tim Harwood Technical Consultant - Seafood Safety Programme

Tom Wheeler Technical Manager

For further information please contact: [email protected]

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