Analytical Science

Dairy and micronutrients

Specialised dairy testing

We provide high-end technical and analytical support and services for the dairy industry. We work with ingredient developers and suppliers, contract manufacturers and finished product producers.

We have a dedicated analytical research and development team to service this sector, and offer both routine testing services and customised analytical solutions.

Routine testing

We offer extensive testing of dairy nutrition products and ingredients, including specific high-value dairy isolates, a comprehensive range of micronutrients, and key chemical contaminants.

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Customised analytical solutions

Our research and development team comprises highly experienced technical staff who use the latest instrumentation for contractual method developments, validation of existing analytical methods, and general chemical and laboratory consulting services. Members of this team work closely with the dairy industry on customised analyses and research, to support product development and quality control.

We have extensive experience with:

  • analytical method development and validation
  • analytical chemistry 
  • chemical isolation and characterisation 
  • synthetic organic chemistry 
  • QPCR capability

Recent examples of our work for the dairy industry include:

  • developing analyses to measure unique high value dairy isolates in raw materials and finished products
  • providing independent analyses of a trial product that examined recovery of dairy isolates during processing 
  • contributing to inter-laboratory studies for testing of unique compounds.

Cawthron also facilitates access to government funding for many types of research and development projects, and is a registered provider through the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment's Science and Innovation voucher scheme.

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