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Shelf life and stability trials

Shelf life and stability specialists

Verify the shelf life and/or stability of your products so that you can have total confidence in your product's 'best before' or 'use by' dates.

Stability trials for dietary supplements and nutraceuticals

Cawthron's stability trials programme supports New Zealand exporters in verifying a product's composition throughout its shelf life, enabling exporters to make shelf life label claims for regulatory and export purposes with confidence.

If you need verification of the stability of your product, we can help. We have the necessary stability chambers on site and we are Medsafe, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP – New Zealand) and Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA – Australia) certified to run stability trials to ICH guidelines.

Shelf life testing for food products

'Shelf life' guides consumers on the length of time that food can be kept before it is unsuitable for consumption, and anyone packaging and selling foods that require a date mark is legally responsible for calculating the life expectancy of the product.

Cawthron's shelf life testing service enables you to verify and maximise the storage of your food products using accredited methods. Many factors can influence shelf life, but the main one is the growth of bacteria or fungi.

The shelf life testing that Cawthron provides is based on the numbers of micro-organisms present in the product. We tailor our testing to meet the unique requirements of your product – including shelf life duration, temperature and frequency of testing – enabling you and your customers to have confidence in your 'best before' or 'use by' dates.

Accelerated shelf life testing

Accelerated shelf life testing is also available by utilising higher than usual storage temperatures. This is an option for low risk products where certain features inhibit the growth of organisms. These features include pH, water activity and sugar content.

Products are incubated at an elevated temperature and tested at regular intervals, and results can predict a long microbiological shelf life (for example two years) after only a few months of testing. From there, fairly reliable estimates of shelf life can be made – depending on the product.

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