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Turn-around time

Chemical results are forwarded within 7 working days of receipt of sample, and microbiological results are forwarded within 5 working days. Occasionally, we subcontract tests to other laboratories, resulting in slightly longer turnaround times due to

Reporting of results

Results and invoices are sent via email in a PDF secure format. A hard copy can also be provided on request.

Payment and invoicing

The following conditions apply for testing undertaken by Cawthron, unless otherwise agreed:

  1. Cawthron reserves the right to ask for payment in advance of testing
  2. All new clients are required to fill in a credit application form, and supply credit references before testing will be undertaken, or arrange for payment prior to results being released
  3. Casual customers are required to pay in full within 7 days following the date of invoice
  4. Credit approved customers are required to pay in full by the 20th of the month following the date of invoice unless otherwise agreed. An invoice will be emailed to you
  5. Accounts outstanding for two (2) months or more may be automatically stopped/flagged and no further credit will be given. All future business will be cash terms only
  6. In addition to the above conditions, the purchaser will be responsible for all costs incurred for the collection of this account in the event of non-payment in due time, which is 20th of the month following the purchase
  7. Romalpa clause applies in that title of goods or services are retained by Cawthron Institute, until payment is received
  8. An invoice outlining the charges for testing will be issued with the test results

The conditions listed above are not intended to be unfair, but are standard business practice that are designed to ensure a happy and trouble-free business relationship for both parties.

Additional charges

Cawthron reserves the right to:

  1. Charge a surcharge for work that is received outside normal working hours and on public holidays to cover additional labour costs 
  2. Place a minimum charge of $50.00 + GST on any work carried out at the laboratory, unless other wise agreed 
  3. Add a surcharge for urgent work 
  4. Add a surcharge if sample batch sizes fall below what was agreed in the quote