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SPATnz are developing a commerical shellfish hatchery at Cawthron Aquaculture Park with Government investment
1 September 2013

SPATnz creates a future based on Cawthron research.

The potential of 15 years of research and development by Cawthron's scientists on their world-leading Greenshell™ Mussel (GSM) breeding programme is now being realised by the industry consortium SPATnz, who have successfully secured Government funding to develop New Zealand's first commercial scale shellfish hatchery.

This is a significant investment from the companies involved – recognition of the value that hatchery reared mussel spat offer to the future growth of the industry.

Cawthron's aquaculture scientists started this journey with research to close the lifecycle of the Greenshell™ mussel before embarking on the selective breeding programme itself, with the goal of producing stock that met consumer expectations and out-performed their wild cousins all aspects.

At the same time, seafood companies were investing in their own research at the Cawthron Aquaculture Park – working alongside Cawthron scientists to develop suitable systems for use in a commercial hatchery. These collaborative projects led to the development of tools and skills that will be critical in ensuring the success of the new commercial hatchery.

"The formation of SPATnz and the resulting funding for a commercial hatchery will provide future opportunities for Cawthron and the industry to work together to develop innovative solutions that will support growth of the aquaculture industry," says Aaron Pannell, Acting General Manager, SPATnz.

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