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Freshwater family fun at Cawthron Open Day
11 April 2017

Cawthron's freshwater science weekend

Nearly 1000 locals attended Cawthron hosted freshwater science events over the weekend.

The Nelson Suter Theatre provided the venue for Cawthron Foundation's inaugural panel discussion around the theme “Water, water, everywhere: How do we safeguard Freshwater for our Grandchildren?”

The theatre was packed with people; all interested to hear from panelists Jim Sinner, Aneika Young, Lees Seymour, and Debs Martin. Cawthron Trust Board Chair Dr Morgan Williams moderated the discussion, and speakers Hon. Nick Smith and Tasman Mayor Richard Kempthorne contributed their valuable insight.

Panelists from top left to bottom right: Jim Sinner, Debs Martin, Lees Seymour, and Aneika Young. 

Cawthron Institute's 'Healthy Freshwater' themed Open Day also proved popular.

Hundreds of people visited the Institute to learn more about freshwater science.

The event was a winner, with positive feedback from young and old alike. One grandmother said, “I’m delighted we came along this morning, the scientists were interesting and there’s plenty for the children to do and learn.”

Gloves on for molecular tools fun

Learning about radio frequency fish tagging

The range of activities on offer spanned multiple science disciplines and some of the scheduled presentations reached full capacity.

Dr Susie Wood giving a presentation on Toxic Algae

Cawthron Freshwater Group Manager Dr Roger Young recently published a new paper on river health and some of this work was on show.

When asked how to the day was tracking Dr Young replied, “I’m really pleased with the event.  It’s been consistently busy and we've had some excellent questions from the public. Everyone seems interested in the science on display.”

Dr Roger Young educating people on river health

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