Coastal and Freshwater

Contaminant source tracking

Estuaries and coastal waters are at the 'end of the pipe' for land-derived pollution and associated contaminants such as sediments, faecal bacteria, and nutrients. Knowing the sources of these contaminants and their impacts on marine resources is critical to prioritising management of land-based activities.

Cawthron scientists use molecular and biogeochemical techniques to identify sources of contaminants and their fate in the marine environment.

Cawthron's capabilities in this area include:

  • Application of microbial source tracking tools for identifying sources of faecal contamination (e.g. ruminants, human, birds) in sediments, water and shellfish
  • Delineating depositional footprints of land-derived sediments and tracking river plumes through use of synoptic surveys, moored sensors and remote sensing

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