Coastal and Freshwater

River ecosystem health

A critical tool for improving river ecosystem management is the ability to assess river health accurately, so that the causes of degradation, or the success of rehabilitation efforts, can be measured.

Cawthron scientists are pioneers in river health assessment and have developed several of the assessment approaches that are regularly used around New Zealand and internationally.

Cawthron works closely with regional councils, iwi, farmers, anglers and local communities to improve catchment management and river/coastal health.

Cawthron's capabilities in this area include:

  • Water quality assessments 
  • Functional indicators – ecosystem metabolism 
  • Dissolved oxygen modelling 
  • Invertebrate community composition 
  • Catchment management 
  • Instream habitat assessments 
  • Deposited sediment protocols 
  • Environmental impact assessments 
  • State of the environment reporting 
  • Limit setting 
  • Science communication

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