CADDIS Database

The Cawthron Archival and Data Delivery Information System (CADDIS) fly database is a tool for the storage and retrieval of biological information and also serves as a master list of aquatic invertebrate taxa. Data is stored and organised by individual project but can be retrieved independently of project e.g. by geographic location or species.

CADDIS was originally designed for internal use at Cawthron for both the setup and entry of data, but has been modified into a scaled down (CADDIS-Fly) desktop version to help assist Council environmental managers and individuals handle similar datasets. CADDIS-fly is offered as an open-source ACCESS© front-end database and can link to either a back-end SQL server© or ACCESS (JET) set of tables.

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Files for download

  • CADDIS Fly Database v4.10 (Front End)
  • CADDIS Fly Data (Access Jet Back End)
  • CADDIS Fly Users Guide (Draft)
  • CADDIS Fly (.ini file)
  • CADDIS Fly Database v4.08 (With QR code dlls)
  • CADDIS Fly (No QR Code)