Cawthron Open Day 2022 to highlight how science is contributing to the fight against climate change

19 October 2022

Cawthron Institute is opening its doors once again for the Cawthron Open Day on Saturday 29 October.

With the impact of climate change bearing down, there’s never been a more pressing need to find solutions to ensure a sustainable future for generations to come. This year Cawthron’s Open Day will focus on how climate change is likely to affect our ocean and freshwater environments, and the solutions Cawthron is working on.

The Open Day will provide an opportunity for the public to get a behind-the-scenes look at New Zealand’s largest independent science organisation and how we are dedicated to creating a better future.

Plus, this year Cawthron has teamed up with the Nelson Arts Festival to support ‘A Call to Action’ in its festival line-up. This will see the creation of a community artwork, Icebergs as Dreamed by You, led by visual artist Gabby O’Connor culminating in a display at the Open Day.

Open Day visitors can expect interactive displays showcasing how our science is contributing to climate change solutions, from using seaweed to mitigate livestock methane emissions, to the importance of restoring seagrass meadows which could help to store carbon. Visitors will also learn about why our warming waters are increasing the spread of invasive species and toxic algae in our waters, and how our research is providing practical solutions such as breeding resilient shellfish and developing robust freshwater monitoring systems.

There will also be laboratory tours and scheduled presentations from our scientists sharing their research.

Cawthron Institute Chief Executive Volker Kuntzsch said Cawthron’s Open Day was an excellent opportunity for our local community to engage with the work Cawthron is doing to deliver climate change solutions.

“Right now, there is no better time to act if we are to mitigate the impact of climate change. No one person or organisation can solve climate change, but by working together using robust science and community efforts, we can make a difference.

“Cawthron has been a pioneer of impactful science and New Zealanders have benefitted from our research for more than 100 years. We are enormously proud of the climate change solutions we are working on to help create a better future, and we look forward to sharing our work with our community.”

The Cawthron Open Day takes place on Saturday 29 October from 11am – 3pm at its main campus at 98 Halifax Street East. Laboratory tours and scheduled presentations will run every 15 to 30 minutes. An event for all ages to learn and enjoy.

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People both young and old, enjoying exhibits at the Cawthron Open Day
There’s something for everyone at the 2022 Cawthron Open Day


A young person looking through a microscope at the Cawthron Open Day
A young person looking through a microscope at the 2021 Cawthron Open Day


People enjoying a lab tour at the Cawthron Open Day
Get a behind-the-scenes look into Cawthron Institute by going on one of our scheduled lab tours


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