Eric Goodwin

Eric Goodwin

Data Scientist

Role at Cawthron

Eric contributes to a wide range of projects with teams across Cawthron, but predominantly with the Coastal and Freshwater group.  He combines his experience in broader life sciences, knowledge of traditional statistical techniques and more modern machine learning solutions, and skills in programming, to support the analytical aspects of many scientists’ work.  He also works directly with industry and government collaborators and clients, delivering large data science solutions in environmental monitoring nationwide and locally.  Eric has a broad range of skills in scientific data and programming requirements, such as numerical modelling, statistical analysis and modelling, image analysis, data aggregation, cleaning and grooming.  He is an active participant in workshops and planning hui with central government departments, has delivered consultancy services to overseas clients, and presented research at international conferences.

Eric’s long experience in applied and practical computer coding sees him maintaining and extending existing software tools and models, as well as developing novel applications independently as well as with collaborators nationwide and globally.

Technical skills, experience and interests

  • R programming and development
  • C++ code maintenance and development
  • Machine learning and data mining
  •  Frequentist statistics – regression, categorisation, discrimination
  • GIS analysis and development


  • BSc Hons Biochemistry, Otago University, New Zealand, 1997
  • GradDip Applied Statistics, Massey University, New Zealand, 2017

Eric Goodwin