Fiona Gower

Fiona Gower

Team Leader – Marine Taxonomy

Role at Cawthron 

Fiona is Cawthron’s Taxonomy Team Leader and Coastal and Freshwater research laboratory manager. She leads a team of specialist taxonomy scientists and technicians who are responsible for identifying marine, estuarine and freshwater invertebrates as an indicator of environmental health.

Fiona and her team play a vital role in supporting Cawthron’s environmental research and monitoring work. They also work closely with industry and Government clients providing taxonomy support for regulatory and legislative aspects of environmental planning and developments.

Technical skills, experience and interests

  • Taxonomy of marine, estuarine and freshwater invertebrates
  • SCUBA diving to collect marine and freshwater species
  • Preservation and archive of biological specimens
  • Sampling of horticultural and industrial contaminants
  • IANZ-certified microbiological techniques
  • Design and maintenance of a wide range of aquatic environments with specialisation in aquarium environments


  • BSc (Hons, Zoology/Marine Zoology)

Fiona Gower