Max Scheel

Max Scheel

Full Stack Data Scientist

Role at Cawthron

Max is a Physicist working as a data scientist with strong focus on developing full-stack applications, from data source to the web. He has experience in designing electronics and building end-to-end full-stack data pipelines for scientific data. He contributes to a wide range of projects from designing and building data acquisition hardware to building responsive web apps to display data in a realtime.

With extensive experience with Linux on system level Max is passionate about optimising existing data and analysis pipelines, as well as integrating new features and services.

Recently he built a scalable API to a high performance engine to compute trajectories of plastic particles in the ocean to serve as the backbone of an user friendly, modern web app (

Other full-stack development projects revolve around building custom web dashboards, APIs, as well as developing and populating databases to serve scientific data to scientists, both internally and externally. He strieves for building maintainable and performant systems that allow scientists do better science.

Max has a range of programming skills for both software and embedded systems including Python, JavaScript, Java and C.

Technical skills, experience and interests

  • Database design and high performance back-end API development
  • Deployment of APIs and databases and integration with other cloud services
  • Processing pipeline performance and bottleneck analysis
  • Computing resource utilisation optimisation
  • DevOps and CI/CD pipeline development
  • Designing services for automated data scraping and accumulation
  • Riding, repairing and falling off mountain bikes
  • Containerisation and serverless deployment
  • Designing custom IoT electronics
    Object detection and deep learning
  • Data acquisition, transformation and storage pipelines
  • Custom web front-end development in Vue.js
  • Optimisation and deployment of Deep learning models on Linux-based edge devices
  • Data aggregation and visualisation for streamlined routine environmental reporting


    • PhD (Physics/ Electronics), Otago University, 2019
    • MSc (Physics), RWTH Aachen University, 2012
    • BSc (Physics), RWTH Aachen University, 2011

    Max Scheel