Steve Webb, Senior Scientist - Aquaculture Pathology

Steve Webb

Senior Scientist – Aquaculture Pathology

Role at Cawthron

Steve is a scientist with the Aquaculture group at Cawthron. He is also a member of the animal ethics committee and is a quarantine containment manager.

His work involves detecting and identifying viral infections in bivalve molluscs, investigating molluscan pathology as well as conducting routine health surveys of aquaculture molluscs.

Technical skills, experience and interests

  • Histological indicators of disease and suboptimal conditions in bivalves
  • Anisakid nematodes in finfish, cetaceans, pinnipeds and birds
  • Parasite-induced loss of quality in seafoods
  • Bonamia, APX, Ostreid herpes virus, molluscan chlamydia and digestive epithelial virosis


  • PhD. University of Cape Town, 1999
  • MSc. University of Cape Town, 1986
  • BSc. University of Hull, 1980
Steve Webb, Senior Scientist - Aquaculture Pathology