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Henry Kaspar

Senior Scientist – Microbiology and Bioprocess Engineering

Note: Henry Kaspar does not currently work at the Cawthron Institute.


  • Cert (Supervisory Management). New Zealand Institute of Management, 1989
  • PhD (Microbiology). Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, 1977
  • Diploma (Biology). Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, 1973

Role at Cawthron

A senior scientist with over 20 years experience in research and development management, Henry is involved in several research projects that have a microbial ecology or bioprocess engineering component. He develops new projects and mentors the younger team members. He is a key Cawthron contact person for the aquaculture industry and for other science providers.

With a background in microbial ecology and applied microbiology, Henry has significant technical input into Cawthron's shellfish research programme, and he plays a major role in the strategic planning of Cawthron's activities.

Technical skills, experience and interests

  • Royal Society of New Zealand Special President's Award in 2010 for 'Research-based innovation for industry'
  • New Zealand Science and Technology Silver Medal in 2001 for his contribution to the advancement of science in the field of aquaculture
  • Initiation of Cawthron's successful activities in aquaculture, marine biosecurity, shellfish
  • Biotoxin management
  • Initiation of the world's first full-scale mussel selective breeding programme
  • Delivery of appropriate science for real problems and opportunities
  • Cawthron's close relationship with end users and stakeholders
  • Application of simple biological principles at the interface between scientific and technological disciplines
  • Contribution to the world's most sophisticated shellfish industry

Professional affiliations

  • World Aquaculture Society
+64 3 548 2319 ext 284 or 728