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Health of Te Awanui Tauranga harbour

  • Sinner J,
  • Clark D,
  • Ellis J,
  • Roberts B,
  • Jiang W,
  • Goodwin E,
  • Hale L,
  • Rolleston S,
  • Patterson M,
  • Hardy D,
  • Prouse E,
  • and Brown S
1 June, 2011
Cawthron Report 1969. Manaaki Taha Moana Research Report 1.


This report summarises what is currently known about the ecological health of Tauranga Harbour – traditionally known to local iwi as Te Awanui – in order to inform the Tauranga community, iwi and stakeholders of the 'state of the harbour' and to identify information gaps and priorities for field research. The report is based on a literature review of published scientific papers and technical reports; it did not extend to new field work or new analysis and interpretation of data.

Manaaki Taha Moana (MTM) is a six-year programme, running from October 2009 to September 2015, with research being conducted primarily in two areas: Tauranga moana and coastal rohe of Ngāti Raukawa on the Horowhenua coast. The wider research project aims to restore and enhance coastal ecosystems and their services of importance to iwi/hapū, by working with iwi to improve knowledge of these ecosystems and the degradation processes that affect them.

This report begins with a description of land use in the catchment and the history of development, because water quality and the ecological health of the harbour are directly affected by land use within the catchment. We then review current information on water quality, factors that influence water quality, the flora and fauna of the harbour and the ecosystem services provided by the harbour. These subjects are considered in turn before identifying current information gaps and priorities for future research.