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Longfin tuna and brown trout habitat quality calculator

27 April, 2016

This Excel spreadsheet enables water managers to interpret existing Habitat Quality Score (HQS) data, generated using the Clapcott (2015) HQS protocol, with respect to the quality of longfin tuna (eel) and brown trout habitat.

The nationally standardised Habitat Quality Score system for rivers and streams is outlined in the following report: Clapcott J 2015. National rapid habitat assessment protocol development for streams and rivers. Prepared for Northland Regional Council.

To use the calculator, enter the individual HQS parameter values in the columns provided in the sheet labelled ‘index conversion calculator’ (as whole numbers) and the tuna and trout habitat quality indices will then be calculated automatically. Also provided on tab 2 (labelled ‘Field sheet’) is an alternative scoring sheet that enables trout and tuna habitat quality scores to be calculated in the field.

Before using this spreadsheet please read the accompanying report which provides a background to the scoring system: Holmes R 2016. Longfin tuna and brown trout habitat quality indices for interpreting habitat quality score data. Prepared for Environment Southland.