Publications: Guidelines, models and sampling protocols

Recommendations for an offshore Taranaki environmental monitoring protocol: Drilling and production related discharges (OTEMP)

14 April, 2014
Cawthron Report 2124.

Due to a need for a standardised approach to monitoring offshore production and drilling-related discharges, Cawthron Institute (Cawthron) has internally funded the development of an Offshore Taranaki Environmental Monitoring Protocol (OTEMP). Read OTEMP.

The main purpose of the OTEMP is to provide a robust, standardised approach to monitoring discharges from offshore installations. It is divided into two primary components:

  • Assessment of effects to soft-bottom seabed habitats
  • The monitoring of discharge water quality

The standardised OTEMP is a result of co-operation between environmental scientists, regulators and industry, offering a constructive route to better understanding of the effects of offshore oil and gas operations. The detail provided in Version 1 of the OTEMP is a starting point for oil and gas operators in the region and it is expected that there will be some modifications to methodology or approaches as science and industry evolves.

It is hoped that there is some inherent flexibility in the promulgation of future regulations which allows these minor changes to take place, especially where they result in improved monitoring techniques. Improvements to OTEMP will be reflected in subsequent versions.