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Cawthron Analytical Science is a business division of Cawthron Institute, New Zealand's largest independent science organisation.

Based in the heart of Nelson City, we have been operating as a contract laboratory since 1971 and now employ more than 60 technical and specialist staff.

Cawthron Analytical Science undertakes a wide range of routine and specialist analytical services for clients throughout New Zealand and around the world. We have unique expertise in food safety, food testing, and compliance and export certification testing to support the food, natural products and dietary supplements industries.

Our analytical laboratory has ISO 17025 accreditation across a wide scope of disciplines including food chemistry, microbiology and natural toxins. The laboratory is Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA – Australia) approved and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP – New Zealand) certified for natural products and dietary supplements.

In addition to our routine analytical services, our Method Development Team offers customised analytical solutions to meet our clients' individual needs.

This team comprises 11 technical consultants with extensive experience in:

  • analytical chemistry
  • method validation
  • chemical isolation
  • synthetic organic chemistry
  • food technology
  • GMP certified manufacturing
  • natural product chemistry
  • vitamins.

They work across a wide sector of the food industry, including seafood safety, functional foods, natural products, bioactives and high-end dairy product formulation.