Cawthron Scitec Expo

Explore the wonderful world of Science and Technology this September at the Cawthron Scitec Expo.

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The 2021 Cawthron Scitec Expo is now open for registrations. Your project should be well underway before you register. Please click on the relevant button below to register.

Are you the next Ernest Rutherford, Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton?

The Cawthron Scitec Expo will held at Founders Park on 21 September 2021 for primary students (years 1-8) and 22 September for secondary students (year 9-13).

No idea is too crazy, no theory too preposterous. Exploring is the backbone of discovery!


If you have any questions about the Scitec Expo please contact [email protected]

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Are you planning on entering the 2021 Cawthron Scitec Expo?

Check out the Student / Teacher Guide for help planning, carrying out and displaying your project.

Scitec Expo 2021 Timeline

Monday 26 July
Registrations open online (we recommend you don’t register until your project is well underway)

Friday 27 August
– Registrations close

Friday 17 September
– Deadline for submitting digital entries

Monday 20 September (12pm – 8pm)
– Entry drop off at Founders Park

Tuesday 21 September

  • 9am – 1pm – Primary Judging
  • 1.30 – 6.30pm – Public viewing
  • 4pm – 6pm – Science communication presentations (time may change)

Wednesday 22 September

  • 8am – 9am – Public viewing
  • 9am – 1pm – Secondary judging
  • 1.30 – 4.30pm – Public viewing

Thursday 23 September (8 – 11.30am)
– Entries available for collection

Thursday 28 October  – Prizegiving, Elim Church in Stoke

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Become a Scitec judge

If you’re interested in being a judge in this year’s Scitec Expo, see below to download more information and find out how to register your interest.

Special prizes and sponsors

The Cawthron Scitec Expo is made possible with the generous support from our Major Sponsor Nelson Pine Industries Ltd.

Click here to view our full list of special category prizes that are up for grabs.

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