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Investing in science as a solution.

Cawthron-AQ-Environmental Monitoring and Consents-Dolphins swimming

There is a Māori proverb well known in Aotearoa New Zealand – he waka eke noa – which can be translated to mean ‘we’re all in the same boat’, or ‘we’re all in this together’. The challenges of climate change, biodiversity loss and food security pose a huge threat to human wellbeing, with the potential to reverse the global progress we have made towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by increasing poverty and inequality.

Cawthron Institute is committed to developing solutions that support thriving people and communities through genuine partnership. The values of equity, justice, and manaakitanga (Māori principle of respect, care and generosity toward others) guide our approach to this work.

Climate resilient pacific communities

As the effects of climate change are being felt in the Pacific, Cawthron is working on science solutions that protect ecosystems and build safe and secure food systems.

Cawthron-Bioactives-Production of Bioactive Compounds

Algae Anaesthetic

Enabling the development of a world-first opioid-free algal anaesthetic.

woman looking at seagrass in estuary

Sustainable and Nutritious Food

Protecting and growing food systems by drawing on our expertise in aquaculture and bioactive compounds.

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Food Safety Focus

Understanding, predicting and controlling seafood safety threats to protect the wellbeing of people and communities.

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