Anagenix announced winner of 2021 Cawthron Innovation Award

28 May 2021

Auckland-based Anagenix has been announced as the 2021 winner of the Cawthron Innovation Award at the Natural Health Products New Zealand Industry Awards on Thursday 27 May.

Anagenix is a leading global supplier of innovative natural health and wellness ingredients made from 100% natural, NZ-grown plant-based products, and were crowned winner of the Innovation Award for the redevelopment of their feijoa extract product Feiolix®.

The Cawthron Innovation Award recognises outstanding innovation demonstrated in any facet of business, and the judges recognised that Anagenix met the significant challenge of converting the extract into a cost-effective and saleable product that retained the extract’s health benefits.

Cawthron Institute Analytical Science Group Manager Nico van Loon said Anagenix demonstrated a thorough and systematic approach to innovation to bring their clinical, science-proven natural health products to the world. “We commend this organisation’s strong emphasis on science, which is essential to support health ingredient claims.”
“Cawthron works closely with the food and natural product industries to support them to meet food safety, health claims and export requirements, and we congratulate Anagenix on their excellent R&D processes coupled with their existing experience with other health products.”

Natural Health Products New Zealand is a national industry organisation representing this country’s natural health products, functional foods, complementary medicines, cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals industries within New Zealand and internationally.

Announcing the winners, the Awards Lead Judge Alison Quesnel says New Zealand’s natural health products industry has risen to the challenges posed by Covid-19.

“This year, more than ever, award winners demonstrated a positive, can-do attitude combined with continuing to push beyond boundaries with high-quality innovations that further enhanced New Zealand’s international reputation as a source of high-quality natural health products.”

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Anagenix announced winner of 2021 Cawthron Innovation Award
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