Cawthron Institute Trust Board gives notice of the Thomas Cawthron Trust Amendment Bill 2022

11 June 2022

The Cawthron Institute Trust Board (“the Trust Board”) established by the Thomas Cawthron Trust Act 1924 in furtherance of the charitable trust established by the Will of Thomas Cawthron, and the judgment of Supreme Court in 1919, gives notice that it intends to promote a Private Bill under the short title of “Thomas Cawthron Trust Amendment Bill 2022” (“the Bill”).

The objects of the Bill are to:

(a) clearly articulate the objects of the Trust Board and the powers conferred on the Trust Board to advance those objects;
(b) provide for appointment of a member of the Trust Board nominated by Te Tauihu Iwi;
(c) specify the legal liability of the members of the Trust Board; and
(d) update and modernise the governance arrangements of the Trust Board, and consolidate and revise other aspects of the governance and administration of the Trust Board.

Read a copy of the Thomas Cawthron Trust Amendment Bill 2022 here.

Communication or notices for the promoter of this Bill can be sent to Elizabeth Bean, Trust Board Manager.

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