Cawthron research draws upon mātauranga Māori to enhance understanding of Kūtai mussel health

26 March 2021

Cawthron researchers have been investigating the connection between mussel health and environmental stressors, using a mātauranga Māori lens to inform the study.

Cawthron Institute Summer Scholarship recipient Alyssa Thomas was involved in the study that investigated how the phases of the moon aligned with ‘the natural rhythms’ of the mussels and how those rhythms were affected by environmental stressors.

The mussels in the study were fitted with sensors that measured the gaping behaviour (opening and closing patterns) of the mussels which is an indicator of their response to stressors such a temperature and light changes.

To hear more about this innovative research approach, check out this video featuring an interview with Alyssa at our Cawthron Aquaculture Park laboratories.

Recipient of Cawthron’s Te Pītau Whakarei Karapihi scholarship, Alyssa Thomas talks about the research design.

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