Craig Waugh

Craig Waugh

Scientist – Algae and bioactives

Role at Cawthron

Craig has extensive experience in the production of bioactive natural products from a range of source materials including marine and freshwater algae. Leading research to develop patentable, novel processes for culturing, harvesting, extracting, purifying and modifying bioactive molecules from micro to large scale. The bioactive molecules produced are enabling research both nationally and internationally, while providing globally available analytical standards through a commercial supply agreement with Merck. Craig is also familiar with Pharmaceutical drug development and quality systems through involvement with multinational pharmaceutical companies and the process development of a next generation drug for pain relief.

Technical skills

• Leadership of R&D programmes
• Development of harvest and extraction techniques
• Compound isolation and purification
• Process design and scale-up development
• Analytical method development.
• Business development and commercial client management


BSc(Hons), University of Canturbury, New Zealand 2010


Craig Waugh