Ian Davidson

Ian Davidson

Team Leader – Invasion Ecology and Management

Role at Cawthron

Ian is a marine ecologist and senior biosecurity scientist within the Coastal & Freshwater Group at Cawthron. He leads and collaborates on basic and applied research on anthropogenic pathways of pests and disease agents, biosecurity assessments, invasive species and pest management, and marine ecology. Throughout his career in Ireland, the United States, and New Zealand, Ian has developed strong experience in research and environmental management associated with maritime shipping, aquaculture, coastal infrastructure, and environmental policy. He works on a range of science and consultancy projects for clients and collaborators in government, industry, and other research institutions.

Technical skills, experience and interests:

  • Leadership and collaboration of programmatic research and applied projects
  • Biosecurity policy, management, and practical tools for a range of end-users
  • Biofouling, biological invasions, and vector/pathway ecology and management
  • Ecological studies to understand and manage human-environment interactions in coastal systems
  • Business development and commercial
  • Client management
  • Science writing


  • BSc (Honours), University College Cork, Ireland, 2000
  • PhD, Marine Ecology, University College Cork, Ireland, 2004

View Ian’s research on Google Scholar here.

Ian Davidson