John Pearman

John Pearman

Molecular Ecologist and Bioinformatician

Role at Cawthron

John is a molecular ecologist and bioinformatician with interests in using DNA based techniques to investigate ecological patterns in aquatic ecosystems. At Cawthron he is currently using environmental DNA to look at changes in lake communities across spatial and temporal scales as part of the Lakes380 project. His background has encompassed the assessment of a variety of organisms and habitats, ranging from bacteria to macroinvertebrates and planktonic environments to coral reefs, using environmental DNA. His interest is in trying to understanding what environmental factors are driving changes in these communities.

Technical skills, experience and interests:

  • Use of bioinformatic tools for analysis of large datasets
  • Use of molecular (environmental DNA) methods to assess ecological patterns
  • Use of molecular approaches to assess ecosystem health
  • Experience in undertaking field work of a variety of environments


PhD Ecology, University of Warwick, UK, 2012


John Pearman