Lisa Floerl

Lisa Floerl

Geospatial data scientist

Role at Cawthron

Lisa is a member of the Coastal Ecosystems team at Cawthron and contributes GIS mapping expertise across other Coastal and Freshwater groups. She is a marine ecologist with 10+ years’ experience in science and consultancy projects around New Zealand and the South Pacific.

Her work broadly focuses on the influence of anthropogenic activities on coastal ecological systems. This involves mapping and analyzing the distributions of species, coastal habitats, and industrial infrastructure, activities and associated emissions.

Technical skills, experience and interests

  • GIS mapping: Marine habitats – estuaries and harbours, species distributions and spread of non-indigenous pests, satellite image analysis, shipping networks and coastal infrastructure
  • Biological surveys: biodiversity inventories, targeted species surveillance, fish and invertebrate community structure assessments
  • Environmental monitoring, sediment and water sample analyses, larval recruitment experiments
  • Parataxonomy (marine invertebrates and algae) and sample archiving


Bachelor of Science in Biological and Marine Sciences. University of Auckland, 2000

    Lisa Floerl