Norman Ragg

Norman Ragg

Research Scientist – Shellfish Biology and Physiology

Role at Cawthron

Norman leads the physiology team at Cawthron, drawing on a background of work in the aquaculture industry combined with training as a classical biologist focusing on physiology. This is brought to bear in a range of projects where the physiology of aquaculture species is a key issue, such as:

      • Quantifying stress and resilience in shellfish
      • Mitigating the effects of ocean acidification and warming: building resilience in the aquaculture industry
      • Identifying resource-efficient shellfish families for use in selective breeding
      • Optimising hatchery processes
      • Enhancing meat quality and yield through good harvest practice and transport technology

Technical skills, experience and interests

      • Introduction of physiological tools and scientific discipline to optimise the effectiveness of aquaculture research
      • Integration of selective breeding with physiological performance parameters
      • Climate change simulation and mitigation
      • Baseline biological description of novel aquaculture species
      • True sustainability in the primary industry, minimising or even eliminating net environmental impact while optimising productivity

Professional affiliations

      • Society for Experimental Biology
      • Malacological Society (London)
      • Royal Society of New Zealand
      • Australia – New Zealand Society for Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology
      • New Zealand Marine Sciences Society
      • Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology


      • PhD (Animal Physiology). University of Canterbury, 2003
      • MSc (Shellfisheries/Biology/Culture). University of Wales, 1994
      • BSc (Hons, Marine Biology). University of Wales, 1992


Norman Ragg