Xavier Pochon

Xavier Pochon

Team Leader – Molecular Surveillance

Role at Cawthron

Xavier is a marine molecular ecologist and leads the Molecular Surveillance Team at Cawthron, he is also an Associate Professor at the Institute of Marine Science of the University of Auckland.

His research expertise focuses on developing multi-trophic molecular detection tools to analyse environmental DNA (eDNA) and measure biodiversity changes associated with natural and human-induced stressors in aquatic ecosystems. Xavier is involved in multiple research programmes using DNA and RNA proxies for monitoring New Zealand’s aquatic health (e.g. Lakes380), emerging contaminants such as organics and microplastics, non-indigenous marine species (Marine Biosecurity Toolbox), and benthic impacts associated with aquaculture.

Technical skills, experience and interests

· Aquatic ecology & biosecurity
· Environmental health assessment
· Multi-omics tools & Biomonitoring
· Temperate to tropical biology & ecology
· Mentoring early career scientists & students
· Public outreach & Citizen Science

Professional affiliations

· Associate Professor, Institute of Marine Science, University of Auckland
· Associate Editor for Frontiers in Marine Science, Hydrobiologia, and PeerJ


· Post-Doctoral Fellow. Hawai’i Institute of Marine Biology, 2007–2012
· PhD. University of Geneva, 2006
· MSc. University of Geneva, 2002
· BSc. University of Lausanne, 1999

Xavier Pochon