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Kevin Heasman

Aquaculture Scientist – Species Development and Enhancement


  • MSc. Rhodes University, 1996
  • BSc (Hons). Rhodes University, 1992
  • BSc. University of Natal, 1991

Role at Cawthron

Kevin focuses on understanding the biology of selected marine and freshwater animals and customising systems to culture them for economic, customary and environmental purposes.

Based in the Aquaculture group, Kevin also works on biosecurity issues and with the Marine and Freshwater group. His main tasks are related to problem-solving for the aquaculture industry. He has a diverse portfolio ranging from designing water recycling systems to biofouling control and animal husbandry.

Kevin is presently involved with the development of offshore shellfish farming and the structural design for offshore systems. He is also involved in other programmes such as Geoduck production systems and surf clam enhancement.

Technical skills, experience and interests

  • Marine bivalve farming
  • Finfish farming
  • Economic biofouling
  • Water recycling systems
  • Marine organism husbandry
  • Structural design

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+64 3 548 2319 ext 321