school boy with art panels
Science Experiment Winner
Krazy Kōura science board

By Edward Henderson, Nelson College

Research Winner
dreaming science board

By Brooke Robinson, Waimea College

Technology Winner
radio telescope project

By Max Foy, Waimea College

Art Winner
art work with birds

By Keisha Linyard, Nayland College

Agriculture, horticulture and foresty
Fried Green Tomato Project

By Connor Edmonds, Nayland College

Life on Mars project

By Eise Tijsen, Waimea College

Ocean Temperature and Byssal Threads

By Electra Maisey, Rai Valley Area School

Business Innovation
pH paints project

By Olivia Smith and Briana Williams, Nelson College for Girls

Climate Change
Sun, sea, sediment project

By Ra Edmonds, Nayland College

urban bird project

By Pearl Hutchinson, Nelson College for Girls

Health Science
nosiy classroom project

By Astrid Sayer, Nayland College

Cubing project

By Eva Challenger, Nelson College for Girls

Trash to treasure project

By Zara Leiffering, Nayland College

Te Ao Māori
Te Ao Māori project

By Taea Staples, Nayland College

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