Research & Development

Customised analytical solutions. 

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Analytical Science Research & Development

Customised analytical solutions

Our research and development team are experienced analytical chemists who develop and validate testing methods for a range of applications. They are also available to undertake contract research projects and provide in-house instrumentation/method set-up. The team leads government-funded research on health benefits from NZ aquatic species and management of seafood safety risks.

R&D Capability

Cawthron holds expertise in the development of customised analytical solutions to meet our clients’ individual needs and perform seafood science research. We support the entire high-value product development pipeline; from identification of bioactives, development of customised analytical methods, product optimisation and final certification. We work with industry clients, developing and implementing chemical analysis for inhouse testing of a wide range of sample types with ongoing technical support using state of the art instrumentation. Our scientists, technical consultants and support staff hold extensive experience in:

  • analytical chemistry
  • method development and validation
  • natural product identification, isolation and characterisation
  • synthetic organic chemistry
  • food technology
  • lipid chemistry
  • molecular and antibody based testing
  • algal toxins
  • pigments and bioactive compounds

We work across a range of the primary sector including the food industry, seafood safety, functional foods, natural products, bioactives and high-end dairy product formulation.

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