A prosperous blue economy

Investing in science as a solution.

Cawthron-AQ-Environmental Monitoring and Consents-Dolphins swimming

The oceans are one of our biggest assets as we look for solutions to the challenges we face as a society. In addition to holding intrinsic ecological value, they provide humanity with so many invaluable resources we need to survive, including food, carbon sequestration and capture, and ecosystem services that support almost every aspect of our lives.

‘Blue economy’ principles promote the sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth, improved livelihoods and the preservation of ocean health. Cawthron Institute is dedicated to supporting the growth of the blue economy in Aotearoa New Zealand and abroad, to the benefit of the environment and people.  

Open oceans of opportunity

Overcoming the challenges of high-energy ocean conditions to produce sustainable and nutritious food offshore.

Shellfish Tower
Man deploys coastal monitoring buoy from boat

Deep diving into ocean data

Harnessing the power of ocean data to inform blue economy industry development.

woman looking at seagrass in estuary

Back up at the border

Utilising nature-inspired solutions to prevent biofouling on vessels and underwater structures and protect marine and coastal ecosystems.

Two laboratory technicians with samples on desk

Breeding for resilience

Understanding how climate-related stressors affect shellfish populations to support effective shellfish stock management in a warming world.

Invest in science as a solution

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